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Q: What does writing mean to you?

I write because I cannot not write. I feel as though I been writing from within the womb. Not content to swim within the shallows, deep sea diving is my gift – my journey – where else does one find the pearl? Thus, writing is a journey of deep sea diving. Through my writing I discover more about me, I understand myself through my work. (Within the typewritten words, discover pearls as I take you through every tear, smile, hope, dream, loss, fear, victory, and quirky observation. If you have looked into an abyss, felt the disappointment of fallen dreams or performed a victorious dance, then you have travelled a similar road. Along this road, you may find yourself again or discover yourself for the first time.)

 What do you write?

 I write anything and everything. My passion and diversity is evident in poetry, lyrics,articles and book reviews for National Magazines, numerous works of both non-fiction and fiction, community booklets, wedding and acceptance speeches, technical material such as resumes and selection criteria's.

My latest book, Your Personal Tuning Fork the Endocrine System, (published with O-books) is doing very well internationally and here in Australia.


Q: Where do you write? 

Anywhere I can. I have written on coasters, napkins, scraps of paper, paper bags, my hand, as a txt message - I write on anything anywhere. Mostly I write in notebooks, which I then transpose to the computer. I need the tangible hand to pen and paper as opposed to the technical.

 Q: What is your goal as an author? 

I write to inspire, to encourage the reader to view life through metaphor, higher perspectives, introspection and the principles of nature. I write through the many facets of my personality as a mentor, philosopher, metaphysician, humanitarian, philanthropist and visionary. A primary goal and purpose is to turn the mundane world upside down into a magical journey – to negate the annihilating nature of self-reproach or self-loathing towards feeling whole as a person – to encourage one to dream beyond one’s wildest dreams to create the life they want to live – to transform mediocrity.

Q: How did you learn to write?

Reading. And reading. And more reading. Talking with other writers, readers, people with a story to tell. I collect mentors – author mentors - some well-known and successful, all are accomplished. i have taken the occasional writing course and I observe, experience and embrace anything that keeps me going on this journey.

Q: How do you create - what is your inspiration?

I connect to my spirit and a higher energy for inspiration. I believe in the concept of "Anima Mundi" (Soul of the World), where each person, through total dedication to what he does, comes into contact with the inspiration of the universe - that is where my characters come from, from the love of life and of the things I live through.
During the writing process I talk to my characters, I form relationships with them, I communicate to and with them and allow them to guide me into their journey so I can put it on the page. My characters are manifestations of my soul’s journey.

When I write poetry I immerse myself into the experience – if it is loss I go into it 100% - I taste, feel, touch, embrace, I become one with the feeling.

Q: What do you love about poetry?

For as long as I can remember I have loved poetry, whether it is poetry as lyrics or words on a page. To me it is beauty. To me it has power. I think Dylan Thomas succinctly tells how poetry impacts…“Some people react physically to the magic of poetry, to the moments, that is, of authentic revelation, of the communication, the sharing; at its highest level… a good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem, has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape and significance of the universe, helps to extends everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him.” Dylan Thomas (1913 – 1953).

I have been moved and inspired by Thomas, TS Elliott, Poe, Rumi, Yeats, Nanushka, Jewel, Mary MacKay, Mary Oliver, Walt Whitman and so many more.

Writing poetry is a primary way I access, purge and catharsises. It is the primary way I commune body mind and soul, with god, nature and others. It is through my writing that I discover my fears, dreams, pain, sorrow, patterns, grief, joy, and ecstasy. It is where I learn to set others free, forgive and let go. It is where I bless and give gratitude.

Writing poetry has taught me that I have a gift of being able to do all of this. I put on paper what others cannot. I bring to the surface what others are scared to.