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Featured in the: Daily News Tweed Bulletin ~ Gold Coast Bulletin Tweed Weekly ~ ABC Radio 92.5 Gold FM ~ Today Tonite 

 Writing Awards: Poetry ~ Magazines ~ Short Stories ~ Innovation Award  Amazon Bestseller

 Awarded: Bravery Award Nomination ~ Innovation Award Citizen of the Year Award  

 Invited to: Canberra Parliament House ~ Big Brother Show for advice  

Praised by lumiaries: Hazel Hawke ~ Maggie Tabberer Paul Mecurio Paulo Coelho ~ Jules Watson ~ 



Latest Books

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Aquarius Odyssey

A fight for freedom between light and dark… through the dark night of the soul, to a future that long awaits …


Soul De-Coder

Imagine discovering the code that unlocks the soul. Imagine having possession of something that would alter human evolution. Imagine if through the discovery, you will have the key to consciousness and the answers that religious leaders, philosophers, and gurus have sought and fought over for eons.

Through de-coding the soul, people can control their mortality – desires – destiny – final outcome – they can become their own magic wand.

Through de-coding the soul, humanity’s soul and its consciousness is delivered from the forces of dark.