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Big dreams come true, as easily as little ones. Rich dreams come true, as easily as poor ones. Friendly dreams come true, as easily as lonely ones. So ... you may as well dream big! {:-) Deborah K Bates...

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  When we give and receive equally … as a fair and equitable exchange - we create balance and equilibrium flows – it is a law of physics and a principle of nature.  Giving and receiving equitably equates to fulfillment for all and when we have the goal of fulfillment for all, we are operating from the principle of balance and equilibrium and by virtue of, this creates the perfect marriage of humanness which resonates far out into the cosmos and boomerangs right back into our own ‘backyard’. IS there a greater act of love? It is not about giving to receive i.e. I will do/give/be this (which is to give) so they will like/give/have me (which is to receive) … It is about giving to give and receiving to receive. When we give to give and receive to receive we generate a natural flow which has the power to...

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