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Ghee - My Golden One In the past year I have taken to ghee like a duck to water (cliché intended) and clichés aside, I am the biggest fan of this humble product that has been used for around 5000 years. I use ghee as a food for health, for cooking, I spread it on my home-made low-carb, wheat-gluten-free, flax bread and mix it in my coffee. What is ghee - a type of clarified butter originating from India and used in Indian Ayurvedic cooking. The main difference between ghee and the clarified butter your Nan made is in the production process. Clarified butter is complete once water has been evaporated and fat separated from the milk solids. Ghee, on the other-hand, involves simmering the butter along with the milk solids to the point of burning/caramelising which gives ghee its aromatic and nutty taster. The Golden One Ghee is a superior...

  No More Bathroom Trips through the Night Is this your story? You fall into bed at night ready for a beautiful night’s sleep. You have looked forward to lying down for hours. But your bladder has different plans! Your plans of a great night’s sleep fails miserably against the plans of your bladder and sleep is interrupted by as much as 4-5 times a night.   So here is the deal … Gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright. That can be due to standing on ones feet OR sitting for hours on end. The legs may ache or swell and lying down or sleep is the only thing that brings relief. When you eventually do get to lie down, the lower body – that is from the hips down and includes legs, ankles and feet falls level with the kidneys. It...

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