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The Lowest Carb Bread

Posted by on in Health
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My prayers have been answered – or something like that

Finally a low-carb-high-protein-bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard!

I like to keep low carb, I like to eat well and I love bread! I have played with numerous recipes in the hope of creating a low carb high protein bread and failed miserably way too often. Now I can have the best of both worlds thanks to the Herman Bot Bread which has a carbohydrate level of just 5%. For the non-red-meat-eaters, it is a great way to boost up on the 26% protein which healthily compares well with red meat at 30%. 


The bread gives other breads a run for their money with their low GI factor with a certified Glycaemic Index of 24. This means it is supposed to assist in reducing appetite, weight loss, improving lipid profile, and significantly improving blood glucose control in people with diabetes – why? Because a low glycemic index diet results in lower blood glucose and insulin secretion and therefore potentially preventing the onset of diabetes.

So that’s the good news nutritional information, the question is – what does it taste like? Loved it, loved it, loved it. It is soft enough to eat as a sandwich and super-yummy toasted.

Low GI

I am not affiliated with the company, I don't get commission - I am nothing more than a happy consumer happy to share the good news to my fellow low-carb-bread-loving cohorts of which I believe there are many.  

The Herman Brot Low Carb Bread company says the bread was developed with health and wellbeing as a priority, and to support the idea of intelligent eating. I say hear, hear to that. As a wellbeing professional and author, I am happy to support this Australian Company meet the demands of a health-conscious and low-cab-bread-loving community.

The image and information is from their website:

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