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{ c.1390, from L. committere “to bring together,” from com- “together, in combination or union’” + mittere “to put,” “to send or let go.”}


Commitment to self opens the pathway to freedom.

Once one is committed all hesitancy ceases – resistance is obsolete

and one can push further into their destiny

towards who they are – where they are going –

what they want – in freedom.


Let’s dispel a few myths – commitment is not about giving something up, being forced into something, losing personal freedom, an obligation or duty, a noose around the neck, a ball and chain … or something we have to do. Together in union we morally and emotionally engage - that is commitment. Commitment is about union, a joining together of an equitable nature. It is about bringing together agreements, which we choose to honour through duty and obligation. And we do so through our personal power and a commitment to self. All other commitments flow from our ability to commit to self.

We exercise our personal freedom throughout ability to choose to commit. To make a commitment out of duty or obligation is not the nature of commitment. A commitment is something we honour; a duty is something we perform. It takes courage to make a commitment and it takes a willingness to be accountable. When we commit we can’t blame anyone or anything, if it is a real commitment we do so from a place of willingness, peace and joy. Our commitments reveal much about whom we are, how we operate and what is important to us. When we commit life gets real, there is no avoidance, we have to show up.

Commitments should honour who we are and what we want. They should be something we are proud of and a pleasure to honour and uphold. If they are not, it may be time to reevaluate your sense of commitment/s. Re-evaluating and re-negotiating is integral to the integrity of commitments, it helps to keep them evolving, authentic and sacred. 

 Reflection …

What are your beliefs regarding commitment? How do you approach commitment in your relationships? Do you view commitment as a duty or obligation? Do you view commitment as an incursion to freedom? How well do you honour your commitments? How well do you honour commitments to yourself? Do you use your personal freedom to choose to make a commitment? What are your current commitments? Do these commitments honour self? Do you avoid commitments or the act of committing? If so what are you avoiding? Do your commitments bring you pleasure and joy? Are there commitments in your life which require re-evaluating or re-negotiating? Do you use the term commitments to define habits?

When we stand behind our words, we demonstrate commitment. Commitment exists when our actions meet the expectation of our words - when there’s a congruency between intent, words and action.

The act of commitment should honour who we are and what we want. Committment should be an honest statement about how you move through life, they should be congruent with your words and intentions. 

Get committed today and live authentically!

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