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ART FOR HEALING (First published in Australian Natural Health magazine) Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians, it’s also a healthy way to express the way we feel, heal, get in touch with our inner self, and cope with illness and trauma. As Life Coach and applied Kinesiologist Deborah K Bates discovers, many people have uncovered a tremendous sense of healing and personal transformation through the creative processes of Art Therapy. Deborah chats with two professionals, Gold Coast artist/teacher, Shelena Russell and Northern Rivers, Community Artist/mentor, David Adams. While both work in different areas of art – David in community art with clients facing multiple life barriers and Shelena an artist and art teacher with her own gallery – they share a common philosophy regarding Art Therapy, that it’s a transformative process whereby we can unblock and unlock our past. It’s about freeing our future from the past – it’s about helping us becoming emotionally...

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