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I have had numerous articles published in National and International Magazines. Here are examples of just a few...

Recipes for success

Recipes for Success

We are creators. As creators, we are not so much here to discover our soul mate – wisdom – fame – health, as we are here to CREATE them. With every decision we make we are creating our lives. So as you read the following ‘Recipes’ remember always – you have control – you can create OR co-create with whoever it is you believe is your higher being. You can co-create with your inner self, your higher-self. Read more...

The Mysterious Pineal Gland

The Mysterious Pineal Gland

When the pineal is stimulated and functioning optimally, it helps us to sleep and relax, improves the immune system, evokes a natural state of euphoria and higher states of intellect, and helps alleviate depression and the ageing process. Read more...

De-clutter your life

De-clutter Your Life

Do you feel weighed down by life, people, or stuff? Does time and freedom feel scarce? Does your home need a make-over? Is it time to de-clutter, re-prioritise, and clean-up? De-cluttering your life can lift a weight from your shoulders putting that extra spring in your step; it can free up spaces and allows for a little more sunlight to shine through. Read more...

art for healing

Art for Healing

Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians, it’s also a healthy way to express the way we feel, heal, get in touch with our inner self, and cope with illness and trauma. Read more...

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Successful Dream Building … Achieving the life you want.
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