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 Definition Author: “A person, who creates, writes books, stories, articles, poems, or other forms of poetry such as dramatic verse.”

 Deborah K Bates - Award Winning Author: Deborah is masterful and her diversity is evident in poetry, lyrics, articles and book reviews for National Magazines, non-fiction and fiction, community booklets, wedding and acceptance speeches, technical material such as resumes and selection criteria's. She has over the years won several poetry and short story competitions and been a professional judge for numerous writing events.

Writing awards: Award winner and author Deborah K Bates has been invited to Canberra Parliament House as special guest at a national awards night where she was nominated twice for community projects and a special 'Write to Heal' program she wrote to assist individuals rehabilitate, heal and overcome multiple barriers. This program is still used today in organisations.

She has over the years won several poetry and short story competitions and been a professional judge for numerous writing events.

Deborah has a writing goal to inspire and she is a master at encouraging the reader to view life through metaphor, higher perspectives, introspection and the principles of nature. Deborah writes through the many facets of her personality as a mentor, philosopher, metaphysician, humanitarian, philanthropist and visionary. With a goal and purpose – “to turn the mundane world upside down into a magical journey – to negate the annihilating nature of self-reproach or self-loathing towards feeling whole as a person – to encourage one to dream beyond one’s wildest dreams to create the life they want to live – to transform mediocrity.” (Deborah K Bates)

Tuning fork latest half cover 

 Deborah’s latest published achievementYour Personal Tuning Fork - The Endocrine System published through O-Books UKis the talk of the health industry/community.

Your Personal Tuning Fork - The Endocrine System  is an enlightening unique approach to the root causes of some of our most common health issues. It is easy to read and a daily reference for everyday solutions to everyday issues which interfere with daily life. Read more HERE.


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