Wisdom Versus Opinion

Wisdomevokes reflection, effects change, encourages hope, embraces acceptance.

Opinionevokes defences, effects stubbornness, encourages defeat and embraces judgement


Do you share wisdom or opinion?    


Wisdom is knowledge in action. It bears little resemblance to opinion. When we live by wisdom we emanate – it is a consciousness process … a knowing
how to use the data

When we offer opinion we are telling rather than living by example.


Can you share without telling?

Do your actions delineate wisdom? 


Knowledge versus Wisdom

– a cognitive process … the gathering of data

– a consciousness process … knowing how to use the data



{O.E. wis,
Wise to see,” hence “to know“}

From –Dom
– “domainownership and master.”}

See thought for the day – ‘What Does One Do With Wisdom’

What Does One Do With Wisdom?


Is it to be used, shared or taught?

What does one do with an element that bears the richness of the rarest gem,

the reward of the hardest toil,

the gift from the greatest God,

the humility of the wisest sage

or the silence of the deepest chasm?

Does one need to do something with wisdom?

Perhaps wisdom does the doing.



‘The only wisdom is knowing you know nothing.”


~ Socrates