tip of the day

Did You Know …


Did you know …

it’s perfectly okay, even highly ideal, to claim all is well amidst doubt and confusion?

To be happy in spite of challenges?

To laugh at problems?

Dance and sing for no reason?

Talk to inanimate objects?

To feel sad without it being called depression?

Did you know it is okay?

AND more …

YOU are okay!

Love And Deserving

Today, do something to show love to yourself.


Think kind thoughts


Recall a time you achieved a goal or aspiration

and immerse yourself in the feeling


Treat yourself to something you really enjoy

– a massage, time out, something sweet…


Stand up for yourself where normally, you wouldn’t


Tell someone you love them –

giving love comes back 100-thousandfold


Affirm goodness in your words









Being Debt Free

Emotionally, Mentally and Physically …


Being debt free is more than an external wealth factor, or a factor that involves credit cards and loans.

Being debt free is about freeing oneself up from emotional debt such as guilt, regret, grief, hate, envy, revenge, not deserving and loss.

It is about freeing oneself up from mental debt such as negative thoughts of failure, not having enough and fear around not having enough.

If you are affirming a state of being ‘debt free’ to clear ‘money debts’ you are part of the way there.

To jettison the affirmation along, try adding affirmations around being emotionally and mentally debt free to the mix. Often our so-called debt in life is hooked into our mental and emotional areas.

Try it today and see how free-er you feel.

This freeing up of spaces creates the room for miracles to occur.



Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”

~  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Change Yourself

The Order Of Your Universe

There is an order to all in the  universe.

Every component has a specific role and works harmoniously with the  other parts.

Each part enhances and compliments the other parts.

Make your order within your universe … make  each component have a specific role to work harmoniously with the other parts.

Make  each part enhance and compliment the other parts.

Running Scared

Life can present scary situations.

That will never change.

Sometimes we run, sometimes we freeze, sometimes we rebel against them.

Unless we do something different the scary situation will always win.

Instead of running from something scary

… it’s easier to learn not to be scared than to run, freeze.



“All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it…”  – ‘We Bought a Zoo’

Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams.

Let them reside within you.

And their foundation will be like tree roots

spreading deep and wide into the earth.

And your dreams will grow and branch out reaching high into the sky .

And the branches will blossom and bear you  fruit

and bless the lives of others –

such is the magic of dreams.

Hope In A Jar

Apply 3 times a day.

Clinical research claims significant improvement in the appearance of miracles and diminishing of doubt, sadness and complacency.

Symptoms Of A Healthy Relationship

1. You listen to each other and realize that each person’s point of view is equally important.

2. Each person is willing to invest time and energy to address any unresolved issues and fix them together.

3. You talk to each other without blame, defensiveness, trying to win, or giving unsolicited advice.

4. Everyone has access to the same information and there are no secrets or hidden agendas. This includes Social Networking,emails and celll phones.

5. You enjoy learning about the other person.

6. You respect and trust each other.

7. You do fun things together and share interests.

8. Each person gives the other some space if they ask for it.

9. Everyone takes responsibility for his or her own behavior and for being as healthy as possible