Hall Of Mirrors

Life is like one big hall of mirrors.

And of course, the halls of time and space reflect what you choose to think.


Thought to Ponder:

What are your thoughts reflecting back to you?


Whose Reality?

So, during a conversation with someone I replied to their comment about it being a f***ed world, ‘Really, I think it is a beautiful world’.

To which they replied, ‘Yeah well you,’ (as in me) ‘choose what you wanna believe, I KNOW its a f***ed world…’

Ummm… yeah… I do choose what I believe, don’t we all. So I voice my thought, ‘Sure do, we all choose our beliefs and thoughts.’

To which they reply, “I don’t choose my beliefs, I live in the real world, what reality do you live in, obviously not mine!’

YEP! True, I don’t live in their world. And I still see the world as beautiful. And they got it in one – I choose my beliefs and thoughts … so do they …


Knowing Love Versus Feeling Love

Do you know you are loved OR do you feel loved?

There is a difference between knowing we are loved and feeling loved – and that difference is the difference between being able to give, receive and share love from our
heart as opposed to our head.

It is good to know we are loved;

it is amazing to feel loved.

Knowing we are loved teaches us the mechanics of love and what love can do.

Feeling loved teaches us the doing of love and what love is.

When we feel loved we have worth, value and esteem.

We can move through life and relationships feeling less hurt,

 hurting others less and with a sense of completeness that emanates from our heart centre.

Do you know you are loved OR do you feel loved?

DO your loved ones know they are loved by you or feel loved by you?

Ask them…

We Make Our World


With our thoughts we make our world

Change Your Thoughts…Change Your Life

“Your life is not going to change unless your thoughts and beliefs change” DKB

Transmission … Thoughts

Imagine if our thoughts were emails.

What would be the content of those emails?