The Five Minute Writer’s Quiz

The Five Minute Writer’s Quiz

Are you Ready to be a Writer?

So you want to write a book? OR maybe you have started … take this 5 minute quiz and assess where you are at in your journey towards being a published author.

Answer YES or NO to the following Questions.

Do you know who you are as a writer?

  • I know my writing voice
  • I write everyday
  • I am confident in myself as a writer
  • I believe in my dream to be a writer
  • I can in one sentence explain what sort of writer I am
  • I can in one sentence explain the message I want to leave the reader
  • I know exactly what I want to write


What do you know about your book?

  • I know my characters in detail
  • I have an idea and I have started, my book has a title, chapters and plot
  • I know what I am going to write about
  • I know my book’s genre
  • I can name 3 authors who write in the same genre as me
  • I can in one sentence explain what my book is about
  • I have started writing and it is going well


Is your book ready to be submitted to a publisher?

  • My book is finished and I know what to do next
  • I know how to write a synopsis
  • I have an idea bout the publishers I want to use
  • I have researched the market for my book
  • I have had my manuscript edited
  • I have had a manuscript appraisal
  • I have had my manuscript proofread

 How did you go?

Did you come up with more ‘ticks’ for ‘Yes’ than ‘No’?

If so you are on your way to achieving your dream.

If you answered NO to 3 or more help is available to get you on your way, keep you on teh path and walking towards your dream.


As a professional writer, published author, life coach and mentor I assist many budding authors with: the mechanics of the writing process, tips on how to write their proposals and cover letters, how to construct a synopsis and select the right publishers – read more about my services here – Creative Mentoring Services.

In addition I have written articles relating to the process of writing: