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The Best Medicine

The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they’ll ease
Your will they’ll mend
And charge you not a shilling.
~ Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990 ~


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Vinyasa विन्यास, vinyāsa

The Principles of Nature … Energy Flow

The principles of nature are alive in our breath, the energy we consume and exude and the continual exchange of all matter in our  universe. There is no secret – it is there, like any principle, simply waiting to be acknowledged.

The principle of breath –manifests through the energy flow of Chi.

The principle of balance –manifests through the energy flow of Yin Yang.

The principle of transformation – manifests through the energy flow of Five Elements.

 Energy flow is integral to the life force of all matter …” 

The principles of nature exhibit through energy flow …

Energy Flow

 The principles of nature manifest through energy and the continuous flow of energy … upon energy … upon energy.

Energy flow is integral to the life force of all matter and is the vehicle by which the principles of nature manifest. Life and all its forms are energetic and in a state of flux, ever pulsating to seek harmony and balance. This is energy flow … a dichotomous interplay of change and order through the Yin and Yang polarities – the principle of balance … generated by a flow of energy known as Chi the principle of breath … which presents as the Five elemental phases called FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, and WOOD – the principle of transformation.

Nature demonstrates energetic flow through oceanic tides, sun and moon cycles, the flicker of a flame, the gentle breeze or tumultuous gale, the tremble of the earth at its elemental core, the swamp or desert of the land, the cycles of plants and growth. Energetic flow fluctuates as it seeks equilibrium to bring about harmony or a necessary cycle integral to the flow from one cycle to the next. Harmony relies upon these fluctuating cycles and patterns through the interplay of these forces in an effort to seek equilibrium, harmony and balance.

Our personal energy will find a way to seek balance and harmony …”

Energy is part of every day existence. We have energy – inanimate objects have energy – an animate object has energy – nature is energy. On a personal level, humans interact with the universal flow through bodily energetic systems; energy flows, pulsates, and fluctuates and our energetic flow can be harmonious or discordant.

The environments we occupy can affect the flow of energy within our beings and the energy we emanate – when we walk into a room, in the company of others, at the ocean, forest or in busy centres like a shopping mall or hospital waiting room. In all of these situations we become a conduit for energy exchange, we breathe in the energy of these environments and this can affect our energies either adversely or favourably. Our personal energy will find a way to seek balance and harmony in these environments moving through the Yin  Yang Cycles and the elemental phases.

Have you ever walked into an environment and immediately felt relaxed and peaceful? Conversely, have you encountered an ill-at-ease or uncomfortable feeling upon entering an environment? Maybe you have experienced these sensations simply by being in the presence of another person. This is the occurrence of energy flow and its emanations. Most of the time this happens on a sub-conscious level and  you may not be aware of it.

Whether you are aware of it or not, we are affected on an energetic level by the spaces around us, the people we meet and the environments we inhabit. They affect our emotions, moods, behaviours and can present as physiological symptoms. For example we can feel claustrophobic, stifled, sad, drained, irritable, hot or cold, nauseous, dizzy, lifeless, confused, intolerant … OR energised, happy, lively, warm, inspired, relaxed, calm, clear headed, and charitable.

Energy flow is integral to the manifestation of the principles of nature …”

And so, it is here that we investigate, discover and begin to apply the principles of nature to our personal energy flow through a deeper understanding of our individual energetic systems, channels and elemental propensities.

Remember …. Energy flow is integral to the manifestation of the principles of nature. The principles of nature are integral to harmony, health and holistic well-being.

 Energy flow allows:

– The principle of breath to manifest through Chi.

– The principle of balance to manifest through the Yin Yang polarities.

– The principle of transformation to manifest through the Five Elements.

Energy flow through Chi, Yin Yang and the Five Elements will manifest through our personalities, physiological systems and our  environments both internal and external.


© Deborah K Bates – excerpt from ‘The Healing Principles Of Nature”