Freedom And Rules


Rules are part of society. They are necessary. Rules are part of our personal life. However, it is important to keep a perspective on the issue of rules and the concept of freedom. Rules and freedom are mutually exclusive. We can have rules and still choose freedom.

No rules = anarchy / chaos. Too many rules = bondage.

On a personal level that means:

  • No rules = I wouldn’t get anything done and my work would be in chaos.
  • Too many rules = I feel trapped by obligation and this impinges upon precious time to enjoy my life and the freedom I should enjoy working for myself.

My epiphany – I had too many rules and these rules did in fact impinge upon my sense of freedom. Freedom to enjoy the great life I had, to take adequate rest, to fully appreciate my surroundings in total harmony. The consequence? I felt trapped by my workload and commitments. I felt tired, too tired to enjoy the life I had created and the beauty around me. I felt resentful of my work (which I paradoxically loved!)

And so, today I began the process of breaking some of my rules … some of which weren’t even mine! I had inherited them or formed them as part of my psyche without really knowing I had.

For example: 

  • People come first = I had difficult saying no
  • You have to work hard for what you have = I worked hard, 12 hours a day hard otherwise I wouldn’t get what I want
  • Freedom comes at a cost = I have to suffer to feel free (what the?? That needs to be ditched!)
  • You can’t take a break until the job is done = I don’t take a break and the result is I collapse into a heap and resent the job (which I loved at some point)

There is more but I will leave it here… because I want to take a well-earned break soon

A break from obligation and a jaunt with nature …

So … today I broke some of my self-imposed rules and incorporated freedom into my daily commitments.  Besides which, I worked for myself! Hello Deborah … what are you thinking? (You need to have a serious talk with your boss.)

And with renewed sense of spirit, I engaged in 2 distinctly different activities – yet not mutually exclusive – as my first step into breaking some of those self-imposed rules or breaking the back of that unrealistic sense of obligation I have carried around for way too long.

  1.   I swam in the ocean in a storm.
  2.   I took a lunch break… that is a proper lunch break.

Freedom … I was liberated.

Now for some of you this may not be a huge deal. But for me, who swims daily (well almost) to swim in a storm was always considered a no-no.  To take a lunch break has always been a difficult one for many of the afore-mentioned reasons. When it comes to lunch breaks, bathroom breaks or coffee breaks (not to mention– take a break just for the heck of it) my usual day goes like this … I will answer this query first, I will write just a few more lines … I will hang that load of washing out first …. I will … and the list goes on until I fall faint-headed due to lack of food, grumpy to lack of food and fatigue and a range of other unfavourable feelings which I won’t go into now.

SO back to the swim on my new rule of taking a lunch break. Of course it was not intentional to swim in the storm. At the point that I ventured down to the beach the sun was burning. Yes, there were a few charcoal clouds hanging around in the thick air, but at first glance they didn’t seem to be a threat. They appeared dark but lazy.

Upon reaching the beach I swiftly laid out the towel, grabbed my book and reclined back content to get my dose of vitamin D. Before long those charcoal clouds had shifted … my way… yep – deluge. And so rather than run for cover (where was the cover anyway?) I walked into the ocean and splashed around like a babe in the bath. Huge drops of rainwater mingled with the salt ocean water and it was glorious.

Just as quick as the rain fell, it went and sun spread its light upon the glistening wet of the rocks, skin and sand. The water of the ocean had so many depths to my visual … clear turquoise of the trough I stood thigh-deep in, white foam of the break just yonder and the deep indigo farther out running into the horizon.

Through freedom I found more freedom …

Sailboats and a charter boat formed part of the Surfer’s Paradise skyline. Aircraft warning lights atop high-rises shone out like cats eyes on a dark night. Bits of silver wove in and out of the clouds. I thought of my upcoming trip and being part of a ‘bit of silver’ in the clouds preparing to descend at my next destination. More freedom.

I enjoyed the sun and the surf for a tad longer before taking my departure.

Walking home the rain fell heavily again. As I licked water from my-still-salty-face I felt rejuvenated and appreciative that in the space of an hour I had felt Mother Nature at her best. Magnolia flowers stood erect despite the downpour, yellow trumpet flowers hung their heads as if in mourning and frangipani flowers lay spent on the pavement. Steam issued from the asphalt, reminiscent of a sauna. Freshly mowed grass clippings clung to pebbles.

As I made my way home I made a pact with myself. I am free to enjoy my life as I wish. Rules are mine to create within the greater sense of societal rules. My rules about how I conduct my life … when I take breaks and how I spend them. From now on there is no more downing food at the kitchen bench or dropping crumbs on the keyboard under the guise of a ‘lunch-break’ – from this moment on I would allow a well-earned hiatus. Sun, surf, salt, rain, flowers, sailboats, horizons, skylines… equate to rejuvenation and more…


Love Is Freedom

Love is freedom.
The freedom to express the most joyous part of Who You Are.
The part that knows that you are One with everything and everyone.’
Neale Donald Walsch
Thought to Ponder
How well do you love?
How free do you feel?
How freely do you express who you are?
Do you feel one with all?
What is it that separates you from feeling a sense of oneness





Free – O.E. frēo; Welsh rhydd, Sanskrit priya “own, self”

“free, exempt from, not in bondage.”

 Dom – O.E. -dōm “Quality, state, belonging to or realm”

“the place of the king”


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Freedom our Domain


There is a place,  a palace, a kingdom, a domain,

and it is ours to own.

It is the realm of freedom …

our place of freedom

our freedom

free –

dom –


We simply have to choose.

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Nine Powerful Things

 Or … the Power of You

The most powerful BELIEF you will ever hold is the BELIEF IN YOURSELF.
The most powerful RIGHT we will ever have is the right to FREEDOM.
The most powerful MOTIVATION/INTENT you will ever have is INTEGRITY.
The most powerful ACTION you will ever take is LOVE.
The most powerful DIRECTION you will ever take is FORWARD.
The most powerful GOAL we will ever have is HAPPINESS.
The most powerful MOMENT you will ever have is NOW.
The most powerful TRUTH you will ever hold is one that aligns you to your PERSONAL TRUTH.
The most powerful GIFT you have is YOU.


When you believe in yourself you believe in others … and exercise your right to freedom, allowing others to be free from judgment or expectations … and  live motivated by intent through integrity … and act out of love, bestowing kindness, compassion, respect, forgiveness … and move forward, activating the goal of happiness, bringing joy … and make the most of moments, in the now …and honor personal truth, authenticating your beliefs, rights, actions, direction, goal, motivation … YOU.


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