What Is An Epiphany


There’s something celebratory about moments of epiphany


Epiphany is not, whether subconscious or conscious, without a process. Epiphany is a moment of truth, enlightenment, and like the glow of a bright star as it descends upon the black of the night, so too an epiphany sheds light which directs the flow of wisdom and inspiration towards a pathway of our personal truth. An epiphany and its process connect us to something higher than ourselves.


The process allows for:

  • Transmutation of beliefs into knowing.
  • Transcendence to a state of enlightenment which connects us to our divinity.
  • Progression of transmutation into metamorphosis.
  • Evolvement of simply walking a journey to walking in alignment with personal truth to walking in spirit.


It begins with a belief

And this process is one of evolvement through transmutation. It begins with a belief, a notion we hold as a truth. This belief often times has been with us for … forever it seems … and we form the belief from where-ever … it seems. Maybe from parents, other authority influences, random ideas through a conglomeration of sources, friends, media, church, books, mentors and so on. Our daily experiences, thoughts, feelings, habits, relationships, patterns, things, money, living environment reflect these beliefs. We learn to live as if we are defined by these beliefs as opposed to defining our beliefs. We allow them to dictate and determine outcomes. They keep us hooked to the past, unhinged in the present and fated to our future.

In many ways beliefs can incarcerate us. Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) major French Philosopher stated “Man is born free and everywhere he has chains.” Karl Marx borrowed this potent slogan a century later. And now a century later, I borrow it to delineate the chains associated with beliefs. A belief becomes a chain when we fail to allow it the freedom to transcend to a knowing. We become chained to a belief when we fail to allow us the freedom to transmute. When a belief belongs to someone else and not to our personal truth it chains us to another’s truth. Irrespective of the where-ever, how-ever and whom-ever, unless these beliefs are challenged it is difficult to know which beliefs are ours … or resonate with our spirit or allow us to authenticate who we are through our personal truth. And so the process of epiphany is one of evolvement and a journey to spirit and your personal truth. And the first step in this journey, this process of epiphany starts with a belief and transcends to a knowing.


It transcends to a knowing

‘I know’ is over-used, misunderstood, misrepresented, and under-stated and oftentimes when used as an I know it’s from a place in the intellect, beliefs, or other people’s ideas and beliefs. The ‘I know” I talk of comes from the soul, one’s personal truth.

 I Deborah K Bates do know there is a difference between believing and knowing. If it’s a belief, it’s not a knowing. If it’s a belief and not a knowing, transmute it or mute it. A belief has to evolve into something higher or becomes an inauthentic way to live. When we experience a knowing as opposed to just a belief it resonates with our soul and spirit.

A belief reverberates, a knowing resonates. (I draw a distinction here between reverberate and resonate to annunciate a difference, albeit subtle. Resonate is to produce or exhibit resonance, (resonance – richness or significance) to relate harmoniously, to strike a chord. Reverberate is a sound that lingers in an area even after the source is suddenly stopped, to ring with many echoes, to have a lasting effect, to repeatedly return, rebound or recoil, to be reflected many times as sound waves from the walls of a confined space. And so a knowing resonates – it produces or exhibits a richness or significance, it relates harmoniously. On the other hand, a belief reverberates – it is a sound that lingers in an area even after the source is suddenly stopped, echoes, repeatedly returns as to rebound or recoil as sound waves from the walls of a confined space.

A belief keeps us aligned to another’s truths; a knowing has us aligned in our personal truth. Throughout our lives we will share similar truths with others, through the process of transcendence we can totally own the belief as a knowing, as a personal truth. Knowing which are ours keeps us aligned to our path, our journey, where we experience our epiphany. If we walk a path aligned to another’s beliefs, we don’t fully own our journey, we are not free to live our experiences, and we are in chains.

As beliefs transcend to a knowing we discover a truth – our personal truth. We find the answers through epiphany. A knowing leads us to the answers we seek, it has found the answer. When we begin the process of eliminating or transcending beliefs into a state of knowing this state of knowing precipitates a metamorphosis. And it is in this moment that we can begin to authenticate our life through beliefs aligned to personal truth through soul and resonate with spirit. It begins with obliteration, for all metaphoric processes require obliteration. Call this the dark night of the soul if you will, always before the light is darkness, a law of nature. Darkness precedes enlightenment.


And so begins the challenge …


The Challenge

The process of challenging a belief can be a challenge! The process necessitates a conscious involvement – a preparedness if you will – to obliterate. It necessitates a willingness to relinquish beliefs, to surrender them, and the power they have to hold us ransom to their inevitability in determining our fate or defining who we are.

D.H. Lawrence (11 September 1885 – 2 March 1930 English author, poet, playwright, essayist and literary critic) said … “Are you willing to be sponged out, erased, cancelled? Made nothing? Are you willing to be made nothing? Dipped into oblivion? If not you will never really be changed.”

And so the belief- challenging-process is one of dismantling, breaking down, a shredding of sorts. It requires eliminating, obliterating for without it, change cannot occur, transcendence is impossible. A belief cannot become something more; cannot transcend into a knowing if not challenged or erased, we cannot evolve without being dipped into oblivion, an epiphany cannot descend where our personal truth fails to exist.

            The precise moment we begin to challenge beliefs a progression occurs, a progression towards evolvement through the process of transmutation which gives rise to a metamorphosis. It’s a journey of transcendence as we rise above a former state of being through thought and beliefs to a state of knowing.


This is the alchemic moment …


The Alchemy

The concepts of epiphany and evolvement are inherently alchemic – that is one of transmutation from one state to another state – a more refined, higher vibrational state. And as our thoughts and beliefs transmute so does our consciousness, vibrations, sensations, and experiences– and here we are at the heart of this alchemic process … that is metamorphosis.

It goes like this: Metamorphosis is more than just transformation. It is a process of alchemy by which one allows oneself to be obliterated to allow the process of transmutation from one state of being to another. It is about a process of becoming … a new you emerging as something new.

The story of the butterfly is particularly useful when describing the alchemic processes … the process of obliteration. Elisabet Sahtouris Ph.D (evolution biologist) wrote: “Inside a cocoon, deep in the caterpillar’s body, tiny things biologists call ‘imaginal disks’ begin to form. Not recognizing the newcomers, the caterpillar’s immune system snuffs them. But they keep coming faster and faster, then begin to link up with each other. Eventually the caterpillar’s immune system fails from the stress and the disks become imaginal cells that build the butterfly from the meltdown of the caterpillar’s body…


And so like the butterfly, we too in the transmutation process build a new state of being from the meltdown of the former. We have experienced an alchemic moment in our journey towards epiphany.

A moment of celebration …


The Celebration

And so …

as believing transcended into knowing, an epiphany occurred …

there was cause to celebrate;

after all there is something celebratory about moments of epiphany.


Through the process of epiphany we challenged beliefs, relinquished what we held to be true to discover a new truth, one aligned to our personal truth. And the concept of beliefs gave way to a higher understanding through which spirit could shine and align to our personal truth. And in that moment we begin to authenticate our life and resonate with spirit. We allowed the obliteration process to occur towards renewal revealing a new you, one that has always been there, waiting to be born – to be revealed.


Knowing knows all about the new you waiting to unfold – the old you awaits for release.

Beliefs know all about the old you and resist the new you unfolding. The spirit waits patiently for you to align to soul where you can walk in the light of your spirit authentically aligned to your personal truth. And so, it is through metamorphosis that we transmute, change, and experience something greater than where we are now.


And so, the process of epiphany is a celebration.

A journey which takes you closer to your authentic self – to your spirit, aligned to your personal truth.


Imagine butterfly.

 Your spirit is waiting.

Your new you is ready to emerge. 

It is time to celebrate.
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What is an Epiphany

Epiphany … Dispelling the Myths

Epiphany is for the enlightened. Not necessarily so – an epiphany can be experienced on the road to enlightenment.

Experiencing an epiphany is proof of spiritual worthiness. One’s worthiness, spiritual or otherwise, is a birthright an epiphany comes from exercising that birthright.

Epiphany is a mental process. Beliefs a mental process, an epiphany is a process of spirit.

A deeper understanding …

Epiphany – a manifestation of meaning (or essence) of something – an inspired understanding or profound insight, awareness, or enlightened truth.

Epiphany  is a process of the spirit and connects us with our divinity; it inspires change and takes us to higher planes. It arises from a moment where we have suspended beliefs to allow for a deeper truth to unfold.

It is a connection with our inner being or something higher than who we are through a higher thought or level of consciousness. The moment of epiphany is a moment of self-realisation or discovery. It shows us how to refocus, prioritise shift, take on a higher perspective and quite literally we transform. An epiphany  has the power to recreate who we are or to set our lives in completely new directions. An epiphany  has the power authenticate one’s life to live our personal truth.

Moments of Epiphany

One cannot convey a moment of epiphany
We cannot enrich others beyond our own spiritual experiences,
We can but only lead others to their own epiphanies
when we walk our own –
in our personal truth.


c.1310, Gk. epiphaneia “manifestation, striking appearance,” from epiphanes “manifest, conspicuous,” from epiphainein “to manifest, display.”
from epi- “on, to”
+ phainein “to show.”

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