Humility is a natural state of being. It is what happens when the ego gets out of the way. Humility allows compassion, hope, trust , unconditional love and faith to play their role..

When we are in the state of humility we hear our inner voice. It is from here that we can align ourselves to our spirit… and connect with life.

It is through the state of humility that the ego can do what it is meant to do. 

Humility and ego are friends not foes, together they take the high road and together they allow us to become who we are desinted to become… achieve what we have dreamed of and live the life we are  meant to live… with humanity and love.

The Courage To Become

“Your time is limited,
so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma –
which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
 Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out
your own inner voice.
And most important,
have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
Everything else is secondary.”
Steve Job


Paths… Doors… Alleyways

Every situation is a chance to grow.

A ‘life challenge’ is designed to shift you

through to the wisdom of spirit.

If it’s appeared on the pathway that leads to your dreams

maybe it has done so to reveal that which is broken,

that which needs to be healed,

the beliefs hovering just below the surface –

or maybe the challenge has appeared to keep you moving forward

maybe the challenge will help to lift the veil

that has kept you from seeing

that you are already the

person you dreamed of becoming. “

I forgive myself for not honouring my shadow parts

All aspects of me make up the whole

And each leads to the unfolding of who I am.

As I shine the light of love upon my shadow parts,

I allow the light of love to shine on my path and

I walk in the light of my personal truth.”

Life is full of clichés.

When we walk a cliché it is akin to walking another’s path.

A clichés is used to describe …

not subscribe to.

Choose your path or allow a cliché to choose it for you.

Create your own clichés to describe your

path and your life to which you live by.’

I am not here to change your beliefs –

NO-ONE has the power to do that –

that  power belongs to you.

When we change our beliefs we open up a pathway to our

 spirit and this paves a way for us to walk in our personal truth …

along our  path.

I challenge you to challenge yourself.

Empty yourself of beliefs that no longer  serve you.

Allow the light of your personal truth to shine a luminous path

guided by your spirit.

 Live the life you belong to, live the life you dreamed of –

 full of richness and beauty.”

Commitment to self opens a pathway to freedom.

It frees the alleyways once blocked by doubt.

Once one is committed all hesitancy ceases –

resistance is obsolete

And  one can push further into their destiny

towards  who they are –

where  they are going –

to what  they want –

in freedom.”

Life is generous to those who pursue their destiny.

Where your heart is. so is your treasure.

When you are on your heart’s path… doors open

The universe conspires;

the soul of the world supports you.”

There is a future waiting for you.

You have glimpses of it in your ‘wishful thinking’,

in  your wildest dreams,

in your ‘what if’ moments.

If you have glimpsed it – it is there waiting.

Align yourself to that wish – mind body and soul –

Hold onto the vision, grab it and run towards it –

never let it go.”

Maybe you are on the path of beauty

and you just don’t know it

or don’t believe it –

What if you believed it?

Life has no need for survivalist mode

Life is more than a way of survival

Life shows us a myriad of ways of living

Life gives us joy, beauty and fun

Life blesses us with all things good

Life tells us that ‘life’ is to be lived beautifully

rather than survived.”

Miracles  occur

When we trust –

When  we are love –

When  we allow the spirit within to

shine through  our soul.

Miracles  are like resting places along life’s pathways.

Miracles are the sunshowers and rainbows

which break through storm clouds issuing moments of  hope

and a silent knowing that we are not alone –

Miracles show us that  we can indeed,

co create with a higher being, the angels … our spirit.

Miracles are the castles and beaches or the lights glistening in the night sky.

Miracles are ours if we ask … if we believe.”