Change Yourself

Winds Bring Change

I barely recognise Kirra beach. The Northerlies have wreaked havoc upon this once smooth coastline. I confess, I am somewhat taken by the change. The ‘havoc’ has given the beach texture and extra character.
I am not particularly fond of straight edged coastlines – with endless straight lines of white sand that goes way beyond the eyes vision. I find straight-lined beaches somewhat boring, plain, without character.
The now slightly-unrecognizable-appearance of ‘my’ beach leaves me feeling as if I have stepped into something new, albeit with a comforting familiarity. Ah but then, is that not the nature of change? … A sense of newness?

Change Your Thoughts…Change Your Life

“Your life is not going to change unless your thoughts and beliefs change” DKB

Change We Can Control

We cannot change the direction of the wind but we can change the sails.”

The 3 C’s of Life:





The Magic Of Change

Change can be exhilarating and awesome …. Especially when we are aligned to it and the change takes us closer to our dream as opposed to further away.

Do the changes in your life take you closer or further away from the life you wish to live?

Direct the Flow of Change

Direct the Flow of Change

And Create the Life You Want

 Everything is in a state of flux; it is the natural order of things – one of the principles of the universe – a law of physics – part of a soul’s journey. Indeed everything changes continuously, everyone experiences change – the ‘self initiated’ change OR the ‘imposed upon us’ change. Change is quite simply something we cannot escape, avoid, or live without for it is integral to life and growth – it is the essential nature of reality.

 Change – the Inevitable

 “Change is inevitable – unquestionable … the question is, do you accept change passively or take the lead and direct its flow …”

 Change can be a time of tumultuous activity, emotions, and instability which has the potential to throw us off balance. For most, we understand that without change the process of evolvement or ‘newness’ cannot occur. However, in saying that – change can create unsteadiness, evoke fear, throw out our equilibrium or just plain de-rail us! And it is at this point that rather than surrender to, or embrace change, we have the tendency to dig our heels in, run for cover or tremble in our boots. The more we come to understand that change is inevitable leaves us feeling helpless, not in control and powerless in its wake.

 Yes – everything is in a state of flux! Yes – often times it is as though it is entirely out of our control! Yes – change is a natural state of life and growth! The good news is – whilst change is inevitable – we have the power to direct the flow!

 Daisaku Ikeda (Buddhist and founder of several educational, cultural and research institutions) wrote – “Buddhism holds that everything is in constant flux. Thus the question is whether we are to accept change passively and be swept away by it or whether we are to take the lead and create positive changes with our own initiative. While conservatism and self-protection might be likened to winter, night, and death, the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize ideals evokes images of spring, morning, and birth.”

 If it is so that everything is in a state of flux, this notion does not predispose a counter-notion that we are therefore at the mercy of change. Rather, and imperatively so, (and as purported by this great man Daisaku Ikeda in the previous quote), we can be creative – GET creative – and use the power of our inherent creativity to direct the flow of change. Ah … do I hear gasps in response to my use of inherent? Yes … I unequivocally assert inherently! We are all inherently creative by virtue of being part of the essence of creativity itself – Spirit and Nature. And so, we can use the power of our inherent creativity to direct the flow of change.

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