Alter Your Course – Review

ALter your course cover

I wish I had read this years ago

Alter Your Course – transform your life did just that, it transformed my life. It is easy to read and full of valuable information regarding how to kick self defeating habits that get in the way of success.

I feel like I have well and truly altered my course and heading straight into the direction I always felt I was destined for.
Deborah Bates shows you how to achieve success with out the hype and anyone can take advantage of the information provided.

Truly fabulous – transforming my life!

Deborah Bates book ‘Alter Your Course – transform your life” is straight to the point and easy to read.

She shows you how to overcome blocks that get in the way towards achieving the life you want and shows how you can transform your life.

She discusses basic principles, the domino effect of choices, how to push through barriers and turn negative thoughts and words into powerful statements to transform your life.

Transformational! Deborah Bates is fast becoming my favorite personal development master!

Deborah Bates does it again and presents another book that is easy to read, easy to apply and full of tips towards creating the life you want to live in health, wealth and happiness. She is a master at showing people how to manage their lives from the inside out.

‘Alter Your Course – transform your life’ shows you how to over-come blocks and obstacles, develop personal power and transform negative thoughts and affirmations into powerful tools to create the life you want.

As a Business Manager I work with clients and staff besieged with doubts and non-proactive habits which interfere with achieving their goals. Deborah’s easy yet powerful tips have assisted many of them to get on course, achieve and attain greater fulfillment and happiness.

‘Alter your course – transform your life’ is full of tips on what not to do, motivation tips, quotes, how to affirm and visualize, and activities towards creating wealth, health and happiness.

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