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Wow – I am amazed – easy to read and easy to apply!

Dream Builders – 9 easy steps towards creating your dream life’ lives up to its title. It really is about 9 easy steps that anyone can apply to their lives.

Deborah Bates does it again and hits the nail on the head and shows how to create your dream life – easily.

This book is well set out and explains how to achieve, how successful dream builders achieve and how we can over-come blocks. She discusses the principles involved in success and the difference between a dream come true and a dream which is nothing more than a wish.

‘Dream Builders – 9 easy steps towards creating your dream life’ is a must read!

Making dreams come true easy!

I wish I had read this book – ‘Dream builders – 9 easy steps towards creating your dream life’ years ago.

Deborah Bates shows us how to achieve goals and dreams easily and without unrealistic concepts. She discusses the difference between and a dream we can actually create. The difference between a ‘daydream’ and a ‘nightmare’ how to avoid or manage the ‘dream-stealers’, how successful dream builders achieve and demonstrates way to connect with the ‘power of you.’

It is full of tips, ‘how tos’, what not to do, motivation tips, quotes, how to affirm and visualize, activities and ways to create wealth, health and happiness through personal empowerment.

A must read if you want to create the life you want to live, the life you dreamed about.

Very informative – Already a Success

I found ‘Dream Builders – 9 easy steps” to be extremely informative and exceptionally helpful. I have been seeking something that would help me to stay on track and achieve my dream and this really helped.

Deborah Bates explains succinctly how to achieve and create success in your life in 9 easy steps along with what sets a true dream builder apart from a hopeful wisher.

I have already seen changes in my life!
Thank you Deborah!

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