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“Health (Old Style)”

 In that condition the whole body is elevated to a state by others unknown —

inwardly and outwardly illuminated,

purified, made solid,

strong, yet buoyant.

A singular charm,

more than beauty,

flickers out of,

and over, the face —

a curious transparency beams in the eyes,

both in the iris and the white —

the temper partakes also …

… the play of the body in motion takes a previously

unknown grace.

Merely to move is then a happiness,

a pleasure — to breathe, to see, is also.

All the beforehand gratifications,

drink, spirits, coffee,


stimulants, mixtures,

late hours, luxuries, deeds of the night,

seem as vexatious dreams,

and now the awakening:

many fall into their natural places,


conveying diviner joys

 ~ Walt Whitman ~



[“A key to sustainable health is the Endocrine System: our personal tuning fork.”]

 Your Personal Tuning Fork: The Endocrine System is a book about health — Sustainable Health.

It Discusses:

  • Daily disturbances which interfere with health
  • The endocrine system and how it relates to health and health disturbances
  • The endocrine system as our personal tuning fork
  • The concept of holism or totalism towards sustainable heath

It Takes You on a Tour:

  • Of the body via the endocrine system exploring the glands and hormones – and how it tunes the body’s systems and organs back into health
  • Beyond the physical body into the unique interaction between the physical and the subtle energies known as the meridians and chakras and how integral this relationship is to total well-being

It Demonstrates:

  • How to identify imbalances and correct them with natural and safe remedies
  • Self-care techniques to assist your journey towards sustainable health
  • A how-to-daily-tuning-guide
  • Safe and simple practices to maintain a balanced and fluid connection between the physical and subtle bodies

[“Allow yourself to gain the understanding and then you will be guided towards a greater sense of wellbeing and harmony.”]

Sustainable health is about health as a holism or totalism.  It’s about understanding that we are whole as an energetic being and herein is a way to sustainable health — and a link is via the endocrine system.

In my practice, it is not uncommon for a client to present with symptoms ranging from emotional, mental to physiological. I have seen a connection, like a thread that weaves or a tuning fork that balances a melody, it is found in the marvel of the endocrine system.

Issues such as loss of libido, depression, mood swings, and inability to lose or gain weight, lethargy, low self-esteem, brain fatigue are often raised by clients in our consultations and can often be related to a sluggish link in the endocrine system.

Assisting the client with information regarding their endocrine system equips them with knowledge regarding how their body works and a consequence is empowerment to enhance wellbeing including relationships and daily living. A developed under-standing regarding ‘the how to’ and ‘why this is happening’ greatly improves the ability to self-heal.

How to Use This Book 

Your Personal Tuning Fork: The Endocrine System takes you on a journey into the human body, its processes and systems as both a physical and metaphysical being. As a reference piece, its purpose is to acquaint the reader with their own personal tuning fork and to guide regarding the functionality and processes of the endocrine system, with a goal towards self-empowerment through knowledge. It presents safe, simple techniques to enable a creative approach to self-care which engenders greater wellbeing at a holistic level towards sustainable health.

I encourage you to read this book through at least once in its entirety before attempting to make changes. Allow yourself to gain the understanding and then you will be guided towards the most appropriate processes and areas of your body requiring attention. The alternative methods I present in this book are not designed or intended to be a panacea for all health problems. They are not an attempt to turn people away from doctors, medicines, or surgery.

If any of the information provided in this book alerts you to a health concern, I encourage you to seek the opinion of a professional practitioner and follow their suggestions towards greater wellbeing.


Your Personal Tuning Fork: The Endocrine System is an easy to read daily reference for every-day solutions to every-day issues.


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