How To Succeed And Have The Life You Want

Part One: Achieving the Life you Want 

Succeeding by achieving the life you want or attaining that dream or long awaited goa is easy when you know how and when you why other’s do not succeed.

There is no real secret, it is about applying logical easy to maintain steps which become a process.

Let’s look at why people don’t achieve their goals and inside of each ‘why’ is the how.

Nine Reasons Why People don’t Achieve their Dreams

 They lack:


  • They are not clear about whom they are – their strengths, weaknesses, gifts etc
  • They are not clear about what they want
  • They do not have a dream

 If your dream has no clarity … it lacks purpose 

They lack:


  • They lack motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm
  • They don’t do something daily to keep the passion alive
  • They lack the intense desire to make it happen

 If your dream has no passion … it lacks a heartbeat

They lack:


  • They lack a strong Personal Foundation – representing: belief, values, self worth, boundaries
  • They lack a purpose or mission statement
  • They don’t make the choice and take responsibility

If your dream has no honour … it lacks value

 They lack:


  • They fail to see creative potential and opportunities
  • They don’t let their mind soar to greater heights, thus expanding their belief systems
  • They have not awakened their imaginative processes

 If your dream has no imagination … it lacks creation

They lack:


  • They give up, give in or fail to follow through
  • They lack self- discipline, use excuses, procrastinate or fail to take action
  • They do not apply the be-do-have principle

If your dream has no commitment … it lacks action 

They lack:


  • They lack focus, thus becoming distracted from their destination
  • They fail to see the big picture and see only possibilities not opportunities
  • They fail to visualise their dream being realised 

If your dream has no vision … it lacks direction

They lack:


  • They do not set achievable goals or ‘bight sized’ targets
  • They do not have strategies in place and lack an action plan
  • They fail to do something daily towards their dream 

If your dream has no systems … it lacks growth 

 They lack:


  • They let other situations and people get in the way, are not ready or they are attached to the past
  • They fear change, growth, being different
  • They fail to see obstacles as a challenge to overcome through courage

 If your dream has no courage … it lacks protection 

They lack:


  • Inner – they get in the own way with negative self-talk, doubt, dis-belief, and the waste of their gifts and abilities
  • They fail to refresh, rejuvenate their physical body.
  • They fail to or don’t know how to manage stress.
  • Outer – They lack a lifeline, mentor, coach, cheerleaders, groups, and role model

 If your dream has no support … it lacks a lifeline 


 Tune in for Part Two … How To Dream Big: Towards Achieving The Life You Want


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