How to Cope with Change

Change … Dispelling the myths

Change often times can derail us or create chaos in our inner and outer environments. It can take us out of our comfort zone, separate us from people, create or eliminate habits, generate uncertainty, evoke fear and resistance. Change can also be a moment whereby we can harness great power. The scary aspect of change is the unknowable i.e. how will it affect me, what will it do to me, who will I be? It is in the ‘eye’ of change that we are presented with the opportunity to face the change and the fear and harness our power thus take control to direct the flow of change. It is an opportunity to be creative, to create the life we want.

Without change we can’t evolve, grow, connect, fine-tune, be who we want or are destined to be. All in the universe is indeed in a state of flux; an observation of the seasons, the circadian cycles of day and night, the ebb and flow of oceanic tides, biorhythms, growth cycles all demonstrate the principles of change and the integral nature of change towards evolvement, reaping and sowing, growth and expansion.

Resisting or fearing change or deeming it as unnecessary or out of our control, works against the principles of the universe and the process of change becomes arduous, painful, annihilating. Even in the face of cataclysmic change there is a moment whereby we can summon the power of creativity to over-come or transmute cataclysmic into regeneration. As we assist the process of change, we align self to the change and become less at the mercy of change. Placate the fear, turn the unknowable into a desired outcome, breathe and embrace this moment in power and control. Direct its flow with love and surrender thus creating the life you want to live.

Reflection …

What are your beliefs regarding change? How do you approach change in your life?

Do you become unhinged in the process of change? How do you feel in relation to the concept of change? Can you think of ways you can change today? Are there habits you hang onto that are obsolete and need to be changed? Can you bring to mind moments of change in your life and see your growth in them? Are there things that need to be changed in order for you to achieve a goal, create a desire or become more of who you really are?

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