Un-Clutter Your Life and Let the Sunshine In

Do you feel weighed down by life, people, or stuff? Does time and freedom feel scarce? Does your home need a make-over? Is it time to de-clutter, re-prioritise, and clean-up? De-cluttering your life can lift a weight from your shoulders putting that extra spring in your step; it can free up spaces and allows for a little more sunlight to shine through.

Life is busy, demanding and can be completely over-whelming. It seems the more we do, the more people in our lives, the more we have, the more we think and feel, the more we burden ourselves increasing the risk of feeling weighed down. And the more weighed down we become the less energy and room we have to grow, achieve and spring into each day with enthusiasm, joy and light.

The more clutter in our lives – whether it is people, possessions, thoughts, emotions, duties – the less light shines upon our lives.

Inventory Control

In the movie Revolutionary Road, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character quotes, “knowing what you got, knowing what you need, knowing what you can do without, that’s inventory control.”

And so in the process of de-cluttering it is necessary to take inventory control.

Inventory control means evaluating what you have, where it belongs, what can go, what is needed or necessary. This evaluation process helps to shift static energy of old habits, stuff and thought processes making room for growth and newer experiences. Clutter, one’s own or other peoples, gets in the way of moving forward, having new things, creating fresh experiences, and evolving through life. Clutter is also a time stealer/waster/drainer and impinges upon freedom. It is not just about stuff, but thoughts, obligations and emotions and they all have the ability weigh the shoulders down.

The simple act of taking stock – inventory control – sets the de-cluttering cycle in motion. From here it is possible to begin to lift the weight from burdened shoulders freeing the spirit, health, mind and life, and putting that extra spring in the step.

Seven Easy Steps towards De-cluttering

De-cluttering one’s life works best as a systemized approach. Often the process of eliminating can pull on the heart strings as it is a letting go process and the emotions can get in the way. This process necessitates a willingness to change, let go and re-evaluate. Are you the type of person who likes being liked and will say yes way more than you should say no? Or maybe you cling to those little treasures and trinkets which when the emotions are removed can suddenly turn into a piece of junk. Do you enjoy being over-committed, or grown attached to the habitual thoughts and patterns of anger over the last love or regret in not pursuing that hobby, goal or dream? These are some of the qualities, things, and patterns which through the de-cluttering process will have to find new ‘homes.’

Whether it is stuff, commitments, people or a cluttered heart and mind, time to ditch them and lift the burden from the sagging shoulders. Time to free up the spaces and spring into life – Uncluttered.

The following steps will help the process:

  • Forgive

According to Webster’s dictionary the definition and etymology of the word forgive is from for – ‘completely’ AND from give ‘to give, grant, allow, to give up,’ and so to forgive is to ‘completely give.’ To forgive is primarily a gift we give to ourselves to free us from pain or regret. Forgiveness isn’t about saying it is okay or condoning, it’s about saying ‘I’m okay.’ When we forgive we de-clutter old emotional stuff which takes up space designated for new emotional stuff. Through the act of forgiveness we grant freedom, it sets us free from the pain, the past the power the hurtful situation has over us. It allows us to move forward, lighter and freer.

  • Eliminate the people parasites

People can drain both time and energy and the result is feeling weighed down physically, emotionally and spiritually. These “people parasites” don’t realize they are a drain, for most it is unintentional, begin to be aware of who is a drain and set in motion the process of eliminating them. Family members are an exception and often this cannot be avoided, rather than eliminate, minimize the contact or the level of interaction. Develop boundaries by donating less time to the latest drama or obligation.

  • Practice saying no – convert the yes’s into no’s

Too often people say yes – Too often. It isn’t easy saying no, but learning to say no is liberating and essential to healthy boundaries. Developing an understanding that no is an okay response and that everyone has the right to say no has an almost instantaneous affect upon self empowerment and is self freeing. Simply, it means individuals are prioritizing and putting self first. Work out who or what warrants the big no response, push the shoulders back and up, stand tall in personal power and begin to say no today.

  • Donate or Sell

Take the time to go through each room in the house including the cupboards, garage, and kids rooms and get rid of what hasn’t been used, is no longer necessary, or belongs to the past. Donate to charity or have a garage sale and earn some cash. Clearing space has a freeing effect particularly stuff that belongs in the past. Cleared and organized areas of the home look cleaner and brighter and will lift the spirit as more weight is shifted.

  • Cull tasks, change habits and de-routine yourself

Take note of each commitment, routine and task in a regular day. Prioritize what is important, unnecessary and can wait or be delegated. De-cluttering tasks, habits, and commitments frees up an enormous amount of time and energy, the benefits of which leaves time for personal enjoyment, free of the burden of unnecessary obligations.

  • Tune Out and Tune In

The din and clatter of life can be invasive and clutters the peace and tranquility of a still mind and personal inner space. Everyone it seems has something to say, an opinion, judgment, advice, or the television blares or the kids fight or the neighbours are rowdy. The consequence of which is cluttered minds and over-used ears and the shoulders stoop that bit lower beneath the cacophonous sounds of life. Time to tune out, empty the mind of others thoughts or outdated mindsets, release the emotions and tune into the heart, turn down the television and an imaginary volume control on the kids or the neighbors. Tuning out to the outer influences and tuning into one’s inner spaces de-clutters the non tangible weights and stuff in life.

  • Find Room For You

Find room for me? A common response to that is, “I just don’t have time for me,” and often it is a squeeze, finding room for self that is. But hopefully after following the previous steps extra room for self has appeared. To help push that along and open up more space, dedicate a small amount of time each day (to start with) even if it is just fifteen minutes to personal “me” time. As de-cluttering becomes a way of life rather than the usual cluttering process, the more time will appear. Today start with just the minimum and do something small, even if it is extra in the bath, a cup of coffee down town or a walk on the beach.

De-cluttering won’t happen over night but a little each day helps to de-weight and the less clutter carried on the shoulders the more energy will be available to continue to de-clutter, and de-clutter and so on. One step each day will lead to feeling clearer and fresher with more confidence to stand tall and spring into life. Begin one step now and continue walking in personal empowerment, growth, and light. Before long that spring in the step will be a skip, maybe a dance and a twirl in the newly opened spaces in your life.

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