‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ by Len Fisher


Don’t let the title fool you, no this is not a ‘how to learn the game of rock paper scissors book’ but a ‘how to understand the game theory and the underlying strategies that underpin human behaviors.’

I found it a little cerebral, and that is not to say I am not into the cerebral, but it is a heavy concept albeit interesting. The understanding of the concept ‘tragedies of humans’ is somewhat daunting and I felt heavier for it. Ignorance is bliss – knowledge is power. In this case I opt for the ignorance is bliss.

Clever, insightfully and educational, but for me who is more creative, sense orientated and naively accepting of the richness of life and people, I cruise with the notion of stumbling upon underling strategies rather than delving into the logic of it.

However in saying that I am taken with Fisher’s words – how to employ cooperation instead of confrontation, collaboration rather than competition. All concepts I espouse – I guess we can learn the theory or stumble upon it as pat of life’s journey.

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