Thoughts to Ponder

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When your vocation feels like your vacation… you know you have arrived.

Are you living on purpose?

Do you work for a living OR live to work at what you love?

Grab The Life You Want


Have you ever dropped something OR had your eye on something? It seemed in reach so you tried to grab it… but it was just out of reach. But you were determined to grab hold of it. So you push further, reach longer, hold your breath or breathe in and hold your breath whilst stretching your fingertips …stretching….reaching…extending your arm to the point where you are about to pop your shoulder out.

But you continue on… stretching… reaching… extending with all your might because you will NOT give up, it is just there in front of you, so close. So you reach a bit further and YES you grab hold of it. A sigh of relief and a little relax… but then… oh no! You lose the grip and it falls, it has slipped out of reach again.

BUT you will NOT be defeated so you reach out again (with a couple of cusses (maybe) under the breath) edging up onto tippy toes, sucking your belly in, straining the neck and stretching… reaching… extending further… and then YES you have it. You sit back (or fall back) relief, you hold it in your hands and think ‘I will never drop this again.”

Ah sweet victory, all because you reached as far as you would go, stretched yourself to your limit, extended all of your being and refused to give up or in.

It is easy isn’t it – grabbing hold of what you dropped or eyed. It is easy grabbing hold of what we want when we stretch, reach, extend – when we refuse to give in.

Go on… grab hold of your life and live it. Reach for that dream and grab it with both hands and run with it…run…run…run. Don’t just have a dream about the life you want. Live the dream life.

Blessed Moments

There are some moments that are

more amazing/inspiring/blessed

than others.

And those moments are because I,

in that moment,

open up to be ….

amazed/amazing, inspired/inspiring, blessed…

Don’t Love Me For Who I Am Not

I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.
And I qualify that statement …

I would rather be hated for who I am, (OR who you think I am,) than loved for who I am not (OR who you think I am not.)


This is fun and enlightening


The Gift of ‘I AM’ – ‘YOU ARE’


‘I AM’


… Can empower OR depower.

… Can work as a gift or poison arrow.

The two most powerful words – “I AM”.

When we use these words to preface any statement, everything around us shifts. Using these words to make a statement of positivity unleashes the power of the unconscious mind.

The statement that follows I AM becomes a cue for the unconscious mind to activate our doing practices – action or deed. It connects us to the greatest I AM power – Spirit, God, Universal Power, Higher Being …


We were born powerful – it is our right to be empowered and to be empowered by others. Empowerment is our natural state of be-ing.

Used positively we empower, we add fuel to our – or another’s – innate power.

Used negatively we depower, we strip away at our – or another’s – innate power.


We can use I AM or YOU ARE statements as gifts or poison arrows.



I AM (YOU ARE)clever, beautiful, dumb, a success, peaceful, abundant, healthy, energised, forgiven, loved …


I AM and YOU ARE statements are intrinsically powerful. They have no need for additions. Additions such as – TOO and NEVER (trying, will, etc.) They are gifts unto themselves in their natural and powerful state.



I AM (YOU ARE)stupid, fat, dumb, a failure, a loser, in debt, sick, tired, bad, wrong, ugly, lazy …

Add TOO to I AM (YOU ARE)… and we not only depower but strip away a layer of innate power. I AM (YOU ARE)TOO old, young, sensitive, over it, sick, fat, skinny, serious …

Add NEVER to I AM (YOU ARE)… and we not only depower but paralyse innate power. I AM (YOU ARE)NEVERgoing to find love, be well, find peace, be forgiven, get out of debt, be a success …



How do you use – I AM … YOU ARE?

DO you send gifts OR poison arrows?

Hall Of Mirrors

Life is like one big hall of mirrors.

And of course, the halls of time and space reflect what you choose to think.


Thought to Ponder:

What are your thoughts reflecting back to you?


Thinking Within Paradoxes

Once you believe in something as an absolute, you are automatically precluding yourself from believing in the opposite, which means that in some ways a part of your freedom of thought as a human being is forfeited as a result.”


Read entire article:

The Supernatural, And The Mind

Can human consciousness influence physical matter?

An unusual experiment at Princeton University called the Global Consciousness Project may bring us closer to knowing whether parapsychological abilities are fact or fiction.

Your Life – Success

I love what Christopher Morley: had to say about success:


“There is only one success:

to be able to spend your life in your own way.”


Thought To Ponder:

Do you spend your life in your own way … or pleasing others?

Do you view your life as a success?

How can you live your life more authentically aligned to the concept of ‘your way’?