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When your vocation feels like your vacation… you know you have arrived.

Are you living on purpose?

Do you work for a living OR live to work at what you love?

Heaven on Earth

Standards…Dreams…and more…

Some of the coolest dreams that ever came true

weren’t dreams at all,

but standards that simply

weren’t compromised.



There are two types of dreams.

Those that have come true and

those that are coming true.

To Forgive

The best way to forgive is not to blame.



Gratitude doesnt come from waking up one day loving life. 

It comes from many days of waking up when life felt unloving and finding your way through it into love…and gratitude.

Light in Darkness

There is light to be found in the midst of darkness…the sun behind grey skies.

Grab The Life You Want


Have you ever dropped something OR had your eye on something? It seemed in reach so you tried to grab it… but it was just out of reach. But you were determined to grab hold of it. So you push further, reach longer, hold your breath or breathe in and hold your breath whilst stretching your fingertips …stretching….reaching…extending your arm to the point where you are about to pop your shoulder out.

But you continue on… stretching… reaching… extending with all your might because you will NOT give up, it is just there in front of you, so close. So you reach a bit further and YES you grab hold of it. A sigh of relief and a little relax… but then… oh no! You lose the grip and it falls, it has slipped out of reach again.

BUT you will NOT be defeated so you reach out again (with a couple of cusses (maybe) under the breath) edging up onto tippy toes, sucking your belly in, straining the neck and stretching… reaching… extending further… and then YES you have it. You sit back (or fall back) relief, you hold it in your hands and think ‘I will never drop this again.”

Ah sweet victory, all because you reached as far as you would go, stretched yourself to your limit, extended all of your being and refused to give up or in.

It is easy isn’t it – grabbing hold of what you dropped or eyed. It is easy grabbing hold of what we want when we stretch, reach, extend – when we refuse to give in.

Go on… grab hold of your life and live it. Reach for that dream and grab it with both hands and run with it…run…run…run. Don’t just have a dream about the life you want. Live the dream life.

Never Return

I did just that and never returned

… that is, to my former life.

I fell in love with – ME – maybe … for the first time (?)

(and stepped into authenticity, that is MY authenticity –

and in that moment I found what it was to be truly, really, amazingly honest to me/with me/for me.)

What are you waiting for?