Nature’s Medicine

Nature’s Medicine

Live in rooms full of light
Avoid heavy food
Be moderate in the drinking of wine
Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics
Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water
Change surroundings and take long journeys
Strictly avoid frightening ideas
Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements
Listen to music.
~ A Cornelius Celsus ~




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The Best Medicine

The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they’ll ease
Your will they’ll mend
And charge you not a shilling.
~ Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990 ~


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I Write

I write because I can not NOT write.

Everything inspires me. The mundane or ordinary fail to exist to a writer.

Everything has a story … everything possesses the power to connect and engage … music  to words … images to words … feelings to words … thoughts to words / words to music … words to images … words to feelings … words to thoughts …


Humility is a natural state of being. It is what happens when the ego gets out of the way. Humility allows compassion, hope, trust , unconditional love and faith to play their role..

When we are in the state of humility we hear our inner voice. It is from here that we can align ourselves to our spirit… and connect with life.

It is through the state of humility that the ego can do what it is meant to do. 

Humility and ego are friends not foes, together they take the high road and together they allow us to become who we are desinted to become… achieve what we have dreamed of and live the life we are  meant to live… with humanity and love.


When your vocation feels like your vacation… you know you have arrived.

Are you living on purpose?

Do you work for a living OR live to work at what you love?

Heaven on Earth


{ c.1390, from L. committere “to bring together,” from com- “together, in combination or union’” + mittere “to put,” “to send or let go.”}


Commitment to self opens the pathway to freedom.

Once one is committed all hesitancy ceases – resistance is obsolete

and one can push further into their destiny

towards who they are –

 where they are going –

what they want – in freedom.


Lets dispel a few myths – commitment isn’t about giving something up, being forced into something, losing personal freedom, an obligation or duty, a noose around our neck … ball and chain … or something we have to do. Together in union we morally and emotionally engage, that is commitment. Commitment is about union, a joining together of an equitable nature. It is about bringing together agreements, which we choose to honour through duty and obligation. And we do so through our personal power and a commitment to self. All other commitments flow from our ability to commit to self.

We exercise our personal freedom through out ability to choose to commit. To make a commitment out of duty or obligation is not the nature of commitment. A commitment is something we honour; a duty is something we perform through honouring that commitment. It takes courage to make a commitment and it takes a willingness to be accountable. When we commit we can’t blame anyone or anything, if it is a real commitment we do so from a place of willingness, peace and joy. Our commitments reveal much about whom we are, how we operate and what is important to us. When we commit life gets real, there is no avoidance, we have to show up.

Commitments should honour who we are and what we want. They should be something we are proud of and a pleasure to honour and uphold. If they are not, it may be time to revaluate your sense of commitment or the commitments. Re-evaluating and re-negotiating is integral to the integrity of commitments, it helps to keep them evolving, authentic and sacred. 

Reflection …

What are your beliefs regarding commitment? How do you approach commitment in your relationships? Do you view commitment as a duty or obligation? Do you view commitment as an incursion to freedom? How well do you honour your commitments? How well do you honour commitments to yourself? Do you use your personal freedom to choose to make a commitment? What are your current commitments? Do these commitments honour self? Do you avoid commitments or the act of committing? If so what are you avoiding? Do your commitments bring you pleasure and joy? Are there commitments in your life which require re-evaluating or re-negotiating? Do you use the term commitments to define habits?


When we stand behind our words, we demonstrate commitment.
Commitment exists when our actions meet the expectation of our words – when there’s a congruency between intent, words and action.

Consider the following concepts and may they inspire you to live
from your commitments!

1. Commitment is connection!
Commitment is the connection between our values, intentions and our actions. Connection is the coming together of more than one element, while commitment is the giving of our selves to it, the surrender. The connections we make generate our commitments, just as our commitments generate more profound connections.

2. Passion: the essence of commitment! Passion is that which deeply stirs us. It’s the fire from within and that which motivates us. When passion is missing, our
actions lack meaning and we don’t get the results we want. Without passion, our actions are obligatory and lack velocity. Commitment emanates from passion — passion is the seed from which commitment blossoms!

3. Commitment = persistence. If one is committed, one’s support is uncompromising and unending. One is willing to do anything in support of the commitment.
This applies to love as much as it applies to professional or global commitments. Commitment drives us and anchors us during challenging
times. Commitment helps us to maintain our integrity; we persist to that which we’re committed.

4. Commitment is conscious! Commitment requires insight and self-awareness — one must know what one’s values and ideals are in order to commit to them! Do you
know someone who’s a conscientious and productive worker but who’s not happy? Such a person frequently lacks insight and self-awareness – commitment is difficult if you don’t know what’s most important to you! Commitment requires an ability to observe self and make conscious decisions.

5. Commitment is purposeful.
Commitment involves choice – saying yes to our values and to our passions! Commitment is never haphazard or random. While we may lose our perspective from time to time, commitment always involves choice and intent. Commitment enables us to be purposeful.

6. Commitment is self-expression.
Self-expression is the culmination of who we are and how we’re being. When there’s perfect alignment and congruency between who we are and how we’re being, we are authentic and fully self-expressed. This is wonderfully fulfilling! If commitment is the ultimate expression of our values and who we are, self-expression is a core ingredient of commitment.

7. Vision brings forth our commitment.
Does commitment generate the envisioning process, or does vision generate commitment? Either way, commitment and vision are inexplicably tied together. Expand your vision while you deepen your commitment in order to produce powerful results!

8. Commitment inspires us to be and do our best.
We aim for the sky and shoot for the stars! We refuse to accept less than the best from our selves and others. Our commitment inspires us to reach for quality and excellence. We continually enlarge and clarify our vision – this contributes to our living our personal best.

9. Commitment lives in communication.
Communication involves verbal and nonverbal interaction. While commitment lives in the declaration and words, evidence of commitment lives in the actions we take and don’t take. Be attentive for evidence of commitment in communication.

10. Commitment is surrender.
Commitment is the giving of our selves to what we most believe and want. It is the merging of our ideals and our being. We surrender to our ideals and with commitment, live them. We create what we want when we surrender to our commitment.

And when we let our light shine

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves… who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually… who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people

won’t feel insecure about you.

We were born to make manifest the light that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,

we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

our presence automatically liberates others.”

Nelson Mandella & Marianne Williamson

Inspirational Comments

Guest’s comments

Book Launch Your Personal Tuning Fork

Q1 7/7/2012


Kim Shipway

“There was once a famous speech – ‘I have a dream’, congratulations on following your dream…also John Lennon would agree.


Chris Lambe

“Thanks for sharing your ‘view’ – its all looking inspiring and do-able.”


Earl Squirrelson

“I feel Privileged to have been at your book launch and am very proud of you. I look forward to many years of friendship and sharing many more book launches with you.”


Elissa Durbavon

“Thank you for welcoming me tonight. You are a true inspiration.”


Sandra Hughes

“To be present tonight was an honour.”


Alex Prez

“All the best with reaching the New York best seller list.”


J & R Davis

“Congratulations on achieving your goal. We are proud of you and look forward to attending your next book launch.”


Bruce Hand

“You are an inspiration.”


Dianne White

“I’m so proud of you and how you have followed your dreams. You have done what you said you would do and that alone is an inspiration to me.”


Julie Shipway

“Congratulations on following your dream and new beginnings and forks in the road ahead to joy and happiness for you and all you are about to help.”


A & L Fort

“Congratulation’s on a wonderful achievement and we are very proud of you.”


R & J Meyer

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve. And you our dear friend are proof of that! Congratulation’s on your launch ‘up’.”


Charlotte Brown

“I am so proud of you and everything you have done. You inspire me to be a better person, wife, mother and daughter and to be whom and what I want to be.”


Your Personal Tuning Fork Book Launch


The journey associated with the launch of my book Your Personal Tuning Fork –

my book launch Q1 7th July 2012

(The following is my speech at the launch of my book…designed to inspire anyone with a dream.)

The launch of my book – Your Personal Tuning Fork is more than just a celebration of a book… it is a celebration of a journey.

Indeed, I believe, those things we are passionate about, those things we aspire towards, those things navigated by our heart and soul… amount to a journey of sorts. And I believe, the journey needs to be celebrated as much as the end result.

Tonight I celebrate with you not just my book but my journey, my journey in getting here, this venue, Q1 for my book launch. The Q1 as the southern hemispheres tallest residential building symbolizes reaching the top and is symbolic of my journey upwards and how sweet the view is when we pursue that which our heart desires aligned to our personal truth and dreams.

My dream was to write…and write…and be published. And I am. And IT has been an upward climb, and the view is indeed sweet. I have fought just as hard to follow my dream as I have, the doubts that besieged me along the way, but I remained true to the integrity of my dream …  I honoured it …  pushed on, and I made it.

This book’s journey began as a bona fide course of direction as opposed to a wish 3 years ago. June 2009 I was sent a curve ball which altered the course of my life 360 degrees. The position I held for 7 years as a community/youth worker was made redundant due to lack of federal funding. That was the June, in the July I was informed I needed to find a new residence – that meant leaving the place I had made a home for 10 years. There were a couple of other endings during that time; it seemed the way in which I had lived was saying…no more. One morning in the August of 2009 I awoke and it seemed I no longer recognized the life I had lived.

SO I made a decision – to go for what I wanted. I chose to live the life I had dreamt about, hungered for and desired for many years… I wanted to be a full-time writer. It seems I have always written, as far back as I can remember, and I had consistently affirmed that I was a writer… but at that moment in time I wanted to step out of being a writer and step into being an author. So I grabbed the 3 completed manuscripts I had sitting in my home-office. I took a leap of faith – a huge leap of faith and stepped into making it happen. Trust me; I have become adept at leaps of faith …not only was I jobless, but homeless! The thing is, I believed in my ability to create the life I wanted and I believed in faith…my faith.

During this time I had struck up an online friendship with 2 international authors:

Jules Watson (author of the Dalriada Trilogy, The Raven Queen and the Swan Maiden) — “Deborah, be bold! You will only regret not being bold.”

Paulo Coelho (most widely read and one of the most influential authors of today, best known for the Alchemist) — “Deborah, nothing is impossible as long as you wish it with all your heart, your heart is the surest guide.”

SO I grabbed my 3 manuscripts and sent them to a couple of publishers. Your Personal Tuning Fork was picked up immediately. That was my sign. I knew I had chosen the right path and I wasted no time setting about to pro-actively walk on that path.

I took an enormous leap of faith – I didn’t go splat. Manifesting dreams or creating the life you want to live is not just about having a wish or dream, it starts with getting clear about that which you desire, then choosing to go for it and pro-actively doing something about it. Throw in huge handfuls of faith, remain focused on the dream, listen to your heart and persistently, consistently, vigilantly walk towards it.


“Affirm what you know to be true in your heart and you will create that reality.

Manifesting dreams or creating the life you want to live is not just about having a wish or dream,

it starts with getting clear about that which you desire, then choosing to go for it pro-actively –

it’s about taking your dream off the wish list and making it happen.

Remember to throw in huge handfuls of faith,

remain focused on the dream,

listen to your heart and persistently, consistently, vigilantly walk towards it,

I did – if I did – anyone can do it.”

Deborah K Bates