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Featured in the: Daily News Tweed Bulletin ~ Gold Coast Bulletin Tweed Weekly ~ ABC Radio 92.5 Gold FM ~ Today Tonite 

 Writing Awards: Poetry ~ Magazines ~ Short Stories ~ Innovation Award  Amazon Bestseller

 Awarded: Bravery Award Nomination ~ Innovation Award Citizen of the Year Award  

 Invited to: Canberra Parliament House ~ Big Brother Show for advice  

Praised by lumiaries: Hazel Hawke ~ Maggie Tabberer Paul Mecurio Paulo Coelho ~ Jules Watson ~ 



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Daily News Tweed Bulletin ~ Gold Coast Bulletin Tweed Weekly ~ ABC Radio 92.5 GoldFM ~ Today Tonite Gold Coast Writers Assoc. ~ Big Brother Show  Bravery Award ~ Innovation Award ~ Canberra Parliament House ~ Citizen of the Year Award Praised by luminaries Hazel HawkeMaggie TabbererPaul Mecurio Mentored by acclaimed authors Paulo Coelho and Jules Watson ~ 


 Deborah K Bates award winning author is a composite professional - with a background as an Alternative Health Specialist, Life Coach, Professional Counsellor (Clinical), Motivational Speaker, and a current focus as a Creative Mentor and Author.

She has earned numerous awards and secured many notable achievements many of which have been featured throughout local and national papers, magazines, television and radio. Deborah has been praised by distinguished luminaries and been nominated for a Bravery Award and received an Honoury Citizen of the Year Award. She has been invited to Australia’s capital – Canberra Parliament House - three times as special guest for national award nights where she was nominated for a special 'Write to Heal' program which changed many lives as well as community project awards. She has even been asked to give professional advice on grief for the Big Brother show.

As an author: Deborah is masterful and her diversity is evident in poetry, lyrics, articles and book reviews for National Magazines, non-fiction and fiction, community booklets, wedding and acceptance speeches, technical material such as resumes and selection criteria's. She has over the years won several poetry and short story competitions and been a professional judge for numerous writing events. (Read more  HERE)

your personal tuning fork banner 140x201Deborah K Bate’s book Your Personal Tuning Fork - The Endocrine System published through O-Books UKboasts consistent high ranks on Amazon and Amazon UK along with bookshop sales both internationally and nationally and is the talk of the health industry/community. 

Your Personal Tuning Fork - The Endocrine System  is an enlightening unique approach to the root causes of some of our most common health issues. It is easy to read and a daily reference for everyday solutions to everyday issues which interfere with daily life.


 Your Personal Tuning Fork is available on Amazon and selected bookstores. Or you can ORDER YOUR SIGNED COPY direct from the AUTHOR TODAY and receive a FREE gift. Fill out the form and in the message box write 'free gift'.

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A wonderful recommendation: “Deborah K Bates – a ‘bright light’ As a much sought-after motivational speaker, Life Coach and mentor, she has inspired countless people to realize their dreams. One of Australia’s ‘brightest lights,’ Deborah has made her literary mark in the international market with her non-fiction book published in 2012, which has just been reprinted, Your Personal Tuning Fork....
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A great day of book signings at Collins Booksellers, Cairns.